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3D Animation Software Free Download: Not a whole lot of software make up the entirety of the landscape when it comes to making 3D animation without being required to send a penny. Of course, within generally relatable terms, what will make up first preferences would be the behemoths such as the following:

  • Autodesk Maya
  • Houdini
  • Moviestorm

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3D Animation Software Free Download

3D Animation Software Free Download

Although Autodesk Maya has managed to stay behind a paywall (it retails at a price of $1,470 per year), it is one of the most sought-after animation tools. It has been used in commercial filmmaking projects, and even by successful animation movie-making studios such as that of Disney’s. Similarly, Moviestorm is one of the primary software used in educational institutions that feature courses on filming technology.

3D Animation Maker Free Download

This software, as a whole, has had a lot of investment and has grown by about more than 1, 60,000 registered users. Complementing initial release features, later versions of the software provided many other features including improved lighting systems, a terrain editor that can edit background surroundings, facial morphing, and so on.

3D Animation Software Free Download Full Version for Windows 7

The animation series Jack and Holly were created by making use of Moviestorm. But the only drawback that puts this software as a whole in a blind-spot is that it only provides free usage for those with an educational license. That leaves very few choices as to what’s available for free that does not subsequently lack in perfection, quality and efficiency.

3D Animation Software Free Download


Initially released in 1995 by Blender foundation, Blender is an open-source, free 3D animation toolkit that can be used for making animation movies, visual effects, and other 3D models. The integrated game engine offers a unique pathway to developing games, and rendering appropriate effects.

And all this was mostly as a result of a crowd-funding campaign that raised about a hundred thousand euros. By 2002, they had released the source code for this software, making it open-source, and inviting the community to bring additional changes. It is available as both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

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Blender Features

• It supports a wide variety of geometry, polygon meshes, and optimal rendering of textures and scanlines.

• It provides platforms for soft body and rigid body dynamics, simulation of the minute details of smoke patterns, including generating oceans with the perfect geometry of wave patterns.

• It allows Python-scripting for creating tools of choice, and also for general prototyping.

• The real-time tracking during physics stimulation and rendering provide the edge to what one can get done using this software.

3D Animation Maker Free Download

Blender Download

• Visit www.blender.org

• Click on “Download blender”.

• Once in the download page, click “Download blender” again to download it for Windows.

• For other operating systems such as Mac and Linux, use the additional link provided below the primary link.

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3D Animation Software Free Download – Final Words

Blender takes care of all the processes that are generally involved a 3D pipeline – which includes modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, compositing and motion tracking, even video editing and game creation.

Free 3D Animation Software for Mac

And what’s more, it’s open-source, and hence can be manipulated based on user preference.
That makes it heavily pioneered to serve freelancers as well as professionals. 3D Animation Software Free Download

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