Best 2D Animation Software for Free, Download Now!

Best 2D Animation Software for Free: When it comes to leaving an everlasting impression on the audience, the animation is one of the best platforms to realize the same.

Those animated advertisements and posters we see on the television or on the back of the street always leave an impression on us! But well, the realization of such animations is a pretty hectic job.

Best 2D Animation Software for Free, Download Now!

Best 2D Animation Software for Free, Download Now!

To create brilliant 2D animated characters and stories, there are many free animation software where one can learn the basic of the same. Some of them are:

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The pencil is a vector drawing software which is available for MAC, Linux, and Windows. This software is based on techniques related to animations which are drawn from hand. If you are a beginner in 2D animation, Pencil is a perfect choice to learn the tactics of animation.

Best 2D Animation Software for Mac

2D Animation Software Free Download

Animators using Pencil appreciate the timeline feature of the software which allows a user to insert four different layers into a single segment. The four layers are sound, images, vector images as well as the camera. One can create a sketch a character using a pencil on another layer which will ink out the layer below the same.


Tupi is known for its open source feature where users can combine framed together in order to develop a perfect animation. Those amateur animations that we generally spot in cartoon characters and kids shows can be perfectly illustrated using this software. And thus, it is a perfect choice for the beginners focused on creating animation focused for kids.

This software uses many features like objects library, tweening and illustration tools, exposure sheet and preview player that results in the perfect picture of animation.

Best 2D Animation Software for Free

Best 2D Animation Software for Mac

Synfig Studio:

This software is pretty amazing to try your skills in animation. It allows users to illustrate many features like distortions, filters, transformations, fractal, geometric and many more. Whether you wish to work upon vector images or bitmap images, you can utilize both to create the best impression of animation.

One of the amazing features of the software is featuring sounds in different layers. So one can create amazing animations using soundtracks on each layer separately with Synfig! And if you are Linux user, you can avail amazing audio editors as well with JACK integration.

Best 2D Animation Software Free Download

All these 2D animation software are available for free on your system. If you are new to the world of animation, this software is the best platform to test your creativity without paying for external features.

As we all know: there is no limit to the world of creativity and imagination. And well, the same is true for the world of animation as well. You never know what you can create in animation. But you will only realize when you will get your hands on animation software.

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Final Point – Best 2D Animation Software for Free

So download these best Free 2D Animation Software and test your creativity of imagination. You never know, you might create the most popular cartoon character of future!

2D Animation Software Download for Mac

If you think you can, then start working on the same today itself! Because there are millions of animators in the world, how you are different from them will only be realized once you illustrate your brilliance on the software first! Best 2D Animation Software for Free

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