Best 360 Degree Animation Software 2019 [ Top 5 Software ]

Best 360 Degree Animation Software: 2019 rings in a brand-new year to all of us and brings us a whole new list of their best 360-degree animation software for this year 2019.

Best 360 Degree Animation Software 2019

Best 360 Degree Animation Software 2019 [ Top 5 Software ]

Below are the top five selected to be appeared as the best 360-degree animation software in 2019:

Cinema 4D Studio

Cinema 4D Studio is a powerful and easy to use software for people, even beginners, to pick up animation and production skills with any desktops or IT platforms. This is one of the best and worthwhile animation creating software package for all 3D and Virtual Reality (VR) artists, as it can produce fast and beautiful results, without any inconvenience caused. This software package with Cinema 4D Studio is also customizable according to the different artists’ needs and demands.


Blender is free for all to download and use. It is also available for all artists to develop and input their creativity into different aspects of 3D and VR creation through different stages in developing a 360-degree animation project. Blender enables all kinds of support to artists, so that the artists can perform with ease for stages like modelling, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, composition, motion tracking, video editing and even creation of games in different genres. As the installation and downloading is free at no cost involved, Blender is therefore very popular among thousands of people worldwide to be used to release and let their creativity run freely, while developing such projects.


Lumion, a specialized 3D and VR animation software to be catered for all architects and interior designers, is used to showcase the utmost outcome after all the brainstorming and creativity ideas being built in as one solution for a project. Not only that, using Lumion is easy, all users, even at beginner level or no experience on Lumion, can pick up very easily. No training will be required, as all users must do is to explore Lumion software for a short period of time in minutes and viola~ they will be able to create all kinds of beautiful imaging, videos and even 360 panoramas, inclusive of VR. The longer the time the users take to explore and create, the faster they will develop on the project and the faster these users will get the hang of using Lumion.

3ds Max Design

3ds Max Design is one of the most common 3D and VR animation software for all IT personnel such as software architects and software designers to compile their programming data into an easier and faster method to allow non-IT personnel to see and visualize on the final product of the project deliverables in 3D form. Not only that, 3ds Max Design is also equipped with various support tools to equip artists to create animation and other related modelling projects at the speed of light.


Besides 3ds Max Design, Maya is the other popular and yet commonly used 3D and VR animation software preferred by the IT personnel such as software architects and designers. Maya allows their professional users to demonstrate a clearer, interactive and realistic visualization outcome to be presented to their partners for them to comprehend easily and rapidly at a glance. Maya software is simple and yet being equipped with lots of professional tools and tips for artists to draw, animate and create their masterpieces with ease.

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