Top 10 Free Animation Software Download [ 2D – 3D Animation ]

Top 10 Free Animation Software Download: Mostly everyone has come across the animated pictures at least once in our lifetime. The animation is the latest technology loved almost by everyone. In earlier days, the animated pictures have made by manual drawing, whereas the technological invention makes the invention of the software for animation. We can notice many animated movies have gained its popularity among people and due to this; most of the inventors try to use this technique.

Top 10 Free Animation Software Download

In order to make the animated movie, definitely, you are in need of great animation software apart from some other tools and programs. If you want to shine in this, it is always necessary to step into the choosing the right software. Here I am penning about top 10 free animation software, try to choose your software by looking into its features and your needs. If you are the animator full of creativity, you can simply turn your ideas into reality with the help of the following lists of free software.

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Top 10 Free Animation Software Download

Best Free 2D 3D Animation Software

Know some features of 10 Free Animation Software:


This is the open source software, which helps the user to create their 2D animation effortlessly. This helps you to show some stunning features with no charges attached to it. In other words, we can simply say that this allows the user to bring out the creativity with this simple and innovative tool.


Similar to the pencil software, this software helps in generating 2D animations. But the great feature with this software is this is straightforward and user-friendly so that one can simply create fashionable pictures by adding special effects to the pictures.

Top 10 Free Animation Software Download

Plastic Animation Paper:

As this is the free tool, this additional software offers the users to convert their ideas into the most beautiful creation in 2D form. The innovation made on this software is mainly for the experts who are in need of the quick and compelling solution. The special feature of this software is that this helps you by providing some real-time suggestions.

Synfig Studio:

This multi-platform software helps the user to create the picture very closely to pencil. This software has the avant-garde features that help the users to generate the sharp learning curve pictures.


This cost-free software enables the animator for creating the compelling 2D animation picture. One of the special features of this software runs on all platform includes, Linux, Mac, and normal windows.


This open source software slightly varies with the previously mentioned software, because this helps in generating 3D animations with free of cost. This has the cross-platform functionality so that one can use this in many operating systems.

Best Free 2D Animation Software for Creatoon


This software only works as the landscape generator; moreover, this is the prize-winning software. One can access to almost all functionalities with the free version.

Aurora 3D Animation Maker:

This open source animation software allows the user to access the wide range of features to develop some ceaseless animated effects in the motion picture.

DAZ Studio:

This is the compelling 3D animation software with rich features and functionalities with it. This can download easily to windows free.

The small difference with this 3D animation software is that this is cloud-based software, which the creator can model and render without paying a cost.

Best Free 3D Animation Software for Aurora Maker

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Free Animation Software for Beginners

Like this, one can simply access to various free animation software online.

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